Texas Brew Products is a San Antonio, Texas based company founded by Brenda Craig.

The innovative, versatile company opening doors and building bridges into culinary wonderlands. Why? Because only Texas Brew Products uniquely combines authentic, historic preparation techniques with the freshest and finest ingredients, creating a flavor explosion like never before experienced.

We are focused on producing “Simply Salsalicious” all natural, gluten free; gourmet sauces and salsa made with fresh fire-roasted vegetables real fruit and smoked spices the old fashioned authentic Mexican way.


Texas Brew Products started in 2005 when our family garden produced more tomatoes than we could eat. Following a suggestion, I began to roast the tomatoes along with other ingredients I was experimenting with. The result was nothing short of AMAZING. It would take 5 hours to produce one case.

Demand quickly exceeded my ability to produce adequate quantities. To meet the demand, I began searching for someone who could recreate Texas Brew’s
deep smoky, somewhat caramelized, roasted flavor. After a three-year search, I succeeded in locating a reputable company in Houston, TX who could produce my salsa according to a true authentic Mexican fire-roasted style.

Presently chefs, gourmet cooks, barbecue masters and chip dippers alike use Texas Brew Products, highlighting the fact that Texas Brew Salsa is “More Than A Salsa”.

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