One of the most prolific comments we get is this, “Wow, this is good enough to drink!”

We were visiting the HEB in Pearland, Texas where they were giving out samples of Texas Brew Salsa. All I can say is, this is the only salsa I will ever buy again! Everytime I buy some, I buy 4 jars so I can have two for me and give two away. It is reasonably priced and the taste is well, you know cause you make it! I just had to tell you how much we love your salsa.

Thank you
Anne, Lake Jackson TX

I tried Texas Brew Salsa when I went home to Houston a few months ago. It is so great that I cannot eat another salsa anymore – I used to eat “On the Border” Salsa from the grocers because it was better than most. Now it is not satisfying at all.

Please bring this salsa to Atlanta – I would love to be able to purchase it locally – it is the best!!!!!!!!!! And I am not just saying that!!!

Gail, Atlanta

I am originally from the Austin area and went home this summer for a visit. My sister, Mother and I went on a day trip to Fredericksburg.

My son was the salsa fan so we were just buying some authentic Texas salsas on our trip and purchased several varieties and yours was the one I loved the best! I have told everyone I know how fantastic this is, sweet and just the right spices and the roasted flavor just takes it over the top. I just honestly have never tasted anything so good. Needless to say, the one jar that I bought did not last long when we put it on almost everything.

I joined you on facebook and read up about the company. I saw the special you were running on the case and jumped on that because now there is plenty for me, hot for my son and extra to share with others to let them experience it. You will be seeing an order from me again, especially at Christmas.

Diana, Kansas

I was lucky enough to sample Texas Brew Salsa a few months ago while visiting family in San Antonio and I just got my 2nd order. I can’t get enough of it!

I put it on eggs, meats, white fish but it’s still best the classic way with tortilla chips so you can enjoy the full taste. It has such a unique and delicious tangy, sweet, hot taste. It works well with everything. No other salsa I’ve tried comes close.

Malik, Jersey City

LOVE LOVE LOVE the honey chipotle salsa you were sampling yesterday in Whole Foods/Houston on Kirby!!!! We inhaled it last night and will go back today for more. We also downloaded your cookbook and will be cooking and ordering more. You are a genius!!! …love the story of your cooking it for three years in your back yard!

Thanks so much!

Amy, Houston

My friends picked up your salsa on Sunday at the Whole Foods in downtown Austin. I wasn’t involved in picking it up off the shelf so I’m not sure how that decision was made — but I can tell you that I would not shut up about how much I liked it as soon as I tried some.

We actually finished the jar by the end of the night — it is SO YUMMY. There were about 10 of us, and we were all equally obsessed. We looked you up then and there and I made my order first thing this morning.

Alexis, New York
(Our salsa may not be from New York City, but some of our great customers are!)

Wow, this salsa is so unique with all these flavors bursting forth! Our customers love it!
Thanks so much!

Debbie Parker
Winery On The Gruene

I am totally into this hot sauce! After only eating it a few times I crave it and I love that tad bit of sweetness, it just adds so much flavor. You can eat it with chips, or on tacos, or on your eggs like I do! I recommend everyone try this hot sauce.

Amanda, San Antonio

You gave me a sample of your salsa and ever since I have been craving more. I absolutely love your salsa.

Jon, San Antonio

Your salsa is incredible!!!!! I honestly love it!!

Debbie, San Antonio

I can say without reservation that experiencing Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa brought about one of those moments where my tongue had a “spiritual experience.” I’m a salsa lover. It takes something amazing to impress me. I’m impressed.

Gary, Davenport IA

That salsa is awesome, we literally finished both jars in 24 hours! I could eat it with a spoon! I went back to Greenfields Market today for more. I’m so proud of you. What a fun thing to step out into. You will be successful!

Elizabeth, San Antonio

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