Simply Salsalicious

Our delicious, gourmet, all natural “Fire Roasted Salsa” is “Simply Salsalicious”. They are made with ripe fire-roasted tomatoes, roasted chipotle peppers, roasted onions, real peaches and real roasted pineapple plus a few other secret ingredients. They are mixed with all the right spices to perfection and tempered with just enough heat to satisfy even the pickiest salsa lover.

Our Salsa uses only the finest, freshest and all natural ingredients from a recipe that has been perfected by years of refinement. All ingredients are fire-roasted over an open grill to achieve an exceptionally authentic flavor capable of delighting even the most discerning salsa lover.

Our Salsa is ready to use, saving you all the fuss and muss of grilling your own vegtables, all the while having the “just right consistency” and authentic Mexican flavor which makes it versatile for many culinary uses such as: a seasoning for soups, on chips or fajitas, in casseroles or dips and so much more. Your imagination is the only limit.

Is Texas Brew Honey Roasted Salsa sweet? It is but it isn’t. Does it taste roasted or smoked? Depends on the moment and what you are eating it with.

According to those who have sampled our salsa, once you have tasted our salsa, you will be hooked.

Many who have sampled it keep asking for more in order to see if they can recognize the ingredient which gives it a most unique flavor. However, we won’t be telling anytime soon. Our best advice is to keep eating our salsa and just maybe you will figure it out.

Many chefs have joined with Texas Brew to create a variety of recipes which include Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Entrées, and yes, even desserts such as Pineapple Gelato, Texas Brew Spicy Brownies and Savory Cheesecakes. Texas Brew Salsa “A Simply Salsalicious” way of cooking.

Check out our wonderful Cook Books where you will find recipes by Sarah Penrod, personal chef to Tony Parker, Daniel Dirmeyer, Executive Sous Chef, Biga On The Banks, San Antonio and along with other fantastic recipes from other accomplished chefs and barbecue masters.

Create and submit your own recipes for inclusion in our Cook Books.

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